We can help you plan and prepare for your retirement

Working out how much is enough

Research shows the majority of people have no idea how much money they really need for the rest of their life. You may have income, assets and investments but what does it really all mean? We help to some perspective on where you are and what you’d like to do with your money.

Your Master Financial Plan

Your aims, and how you will spend your money will be unique to you. This requires a personalised financial plan that reflects your wishes, desires, and needs. We’ll help you map out all your predicted financial income and spending throughout your life using our financial modeling (cashflow) software. We’ll select a robust investment strategy to achieve your specific needs.

How to avoid running out of money

We know markets don’t move in a straight line. This can be challenging in retirement, particularly if you are drawing income from your investment portfolio. We’ll help create a financial plan that will give you financial confidence and peace of mind.

Build for the Future


We provide access to lump-sum investment and pension solutions, which are from proven, world-class investment managers. We’ll design a cost-efficient investment strategy to support you to achieve the best possible returns for your investments. We understand after tax, after inflation and after cost returns matter most to you.

If you invested


*A lump sum of €100k invested for nine years at an annualised return of 7.92%, leading to a gain of €83,999

It could now be worth

*Notes: Capital 60/40 equity/bond portfolio, 19/02/11 to 19/02/20, gross total return before costs. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance and you be get back less than invested

Try our investment calculator to see how you can reach your financial future

Certified financial planners in Cork Ireland

Online Access

Have instanct access to your own tailored investment portfolio via our online portal. This allows you to check in on your investments and track the growth of your capital

online portal for clients in investment advice and retirement advice services

Retirement: Ongoing Support

The decisions you make don’t end at retirement. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Here are just some of the matters we can help you with:

Receiving an inheritance

Gifting money to your grandchildren

Planning a big trip

Estate planning

Long-term care research

Establishing and achieving what you want.

Identifying and maintaining your desired lifestyle.

Assessment of your current retirement funds.

Having the confidence to decide which direction your future should be going.

Making more informed decisions.

Certified financial planners in Cork Ireland

How can our retirement advice help you?

Our retirement advice will help both individuals and business owners how to plan for the future. You will receive personalised retirement planning advice which results in your very own ‘Master Retirement Plan’. Our aim is to help you and your family, and to ensure your financial future through personalised retirement planning.

Contact us. See what your financial future could look like


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