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So here’s what your pension looks like when retire. The next step is turning it into an income.

    There are two ways you can do this;
  • You can exchange your savings for a guaranteed income that will be paid out for the rest of your days – it’s predictable and steady. Essentially you buy yourself a pay cheque.
  • The other route is to reinvest your savings in funds with the intention of living off the investment and any potential return it makes. Your investment could fluctuate in value so your income could go up or down and you will have to plan carefully so that your savings last as long as you need them to.

There is no right answer as to which option is better just which one is better for you. It may depend on how much your pension is worth when you retire; whether you want to pass on your investment to the people you care about; the level of income you want and how much risk you are open to.

Whether this is a choice you will be making in three months or thirty years, you will need to get some professional advice.

So, talk to a trusted financial broker or advisor and choose the right retirement for you.

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