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Investment Planning Advice

If you are going to turn your hard-earned money into an investment, then it makes sense to invest in advice.


Delivering World-Class Investment Solutions for your Master financial Plan

As one of the very few Certified Financial Planner™ professional’s in Ireland, we are in a position, and qualified, to advise you without conflict of interest. We provide lump-sum investment advice that is always personalised and tailored to your requirements. We focus on your priorities. If you have money that you will need to spend tomorrow, or even 3 or 4 years from now, it should not be invested. And for our clients, it isn’t.

We provide access to lump-sum investment and pension solutions, which are from proven, world-class, investment managers. As a result, we believe our lump sum investment approach to both your lump sum investments and pension funds is superior to those that are promoted by most Irish investment advisers.

Build for the Future


We provide access to lump-sum investment and pension solutions, which are from proven, world-class investment managers. We’ll design a cost-efficient investment strategy to support you to achieve the best possible returns for your investments. We understand after tax, after inflation and after cost returns matter most to you.

If you invested


*A lump sum of €100k invested for nine years at an annualised return of 7.92%, leading to a gain of €83,999

It could now be worth

*Notes: Capital 60/40 equity/bond portfolio, 19/02/11 to 19/02/20, gross total return before costs. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance and you be get back less than invested

Try our investment calculator to see how you can reach your financial future

Advantages for our Clients


  • Clear competitive pricing structure highlights Total Expense Ratio’s (TER) vs. Annual Management Charge’s (AMC)
  • No exit penalties.
  • No 1% government levy on lump sum investments.
  • Efficient and flexible fee structure for a fixed fee, initial fee, or AUM fees.
  • Access to funds at institutional rates, which are the most competitive available in Ireland.


  • Conflict of Interest-free; We are not paid by any provider to have their funds on our platform.
  • No Private client division, who typically look to sell in-house products.
  • Online access and visibility for all clients.


  • At no stage does Infinity Financial Planning Ltd hold client assets. Client assets are held by our specialist, global custodian, the largest custodian bank globally.
  • Portfolios are managed and maintained as to the client’s risk classification by world-class investment managers.

Our ‘Master Financial Plans’ are powered by a range of independently constructed Portfolios built by 3rd party world-class fund managers across active, passive, and evidence-based investment styles.

Infinity Financial Planning Ltd also assists clients who have their own lump sum investment philosophy or house view and who want to construct and maintain their portfolios in a cost-effective manner.

Your Investment Planning Aims

We work closely with you to establish precise requirements and parameters before designing a portfolio to meet your lump-sum investment objectives. This investment planning process involves:

  • Identifying the likely time-frames involved and access to cash requirements.
  • Establish your needs and expectations.
  • Capital Growth or Income required?

What we can also do is closely align your financial plans with your business requirements and your risk tolerance. Our investor policy statement lays out a game plan, a strategy to help you prosper.

That’s why we diagnose before prescribing a proper lump sum investment plan for you.

Certified financial planners in Cork Ireland

Online Access

Have instanct access to your own tailored investment portfolio via our online portal. This allows you to check in on your investments and track the growth of your capital

online portal for clients in investment advice and retirement advice services

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