Wealth Building - The Ultimate Checklist - Part 1

Master Your Money

Good News For Ireland - National Budget Surplus.

Eight months into this year’s budget we are running a €6.3bn surplus in exchequer receipts over payments. This is compared to a €7.7bn deficit this time last year. Every day it’s like Paschal is finding cash in his pocket he didn’t know he had.
This gives Ireland a very substantial buffer to deal with public sector pay claims, providing cost of living supports to the electorate and businesses as well as potentially lowering income tax rates and funding a broader giveaway budget.

The First 5 Steps On How To Build Wealth

Track Your Spending.
Useful apps include: You need a budget (YNAB)
Download: You Need A Budget

Create a Budget
Use our Infinity Cashflow Planner

Know your Net Worth
Use our Lifetime Cashflow Planner and regular masterplan review service to track your total net worth
Automate Your Savings
Do it for your future self. Let us Help

Create an Emergency Fund
3-6 months living expenses in easy to access Funds, Just in case you need to run

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‘Wherever you are in life's journey, it's an excellent time for you to make intelligent financial decisions.’

Written by Pat Leahy

Published 2022-09-12

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